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Erik Abend has been an educator for over 30 years.  He began his career teaching middle & high school math and standardized test preparation courses.  He has tutored students across a wide range of ages for a variety of exams and subjects.  He has especially enjoyed helping students with learning challenges through his work with the California Department of Rehabilitation and the Montgomery County (MD) Public Schools.  He also serves as a coach for CK Mathletes, a web-based afterschool enrichment program that helps to prepare elementary and middle school students for national and international math competitions.

Erik is passionate about helping people to overcome their individual learning challenges, ease math anxiety, and fill gaps in their academic knowledge as they build trust in their own capabilities.  He is a caring and insightful coach and tutor who loves supporting his students as they grow in confidence and master new skills and subjects.  As the father of a neuro-atypical child, he knows the value of patient, compassionate guidance in helping others to overcome their personal obstacles to learning.

At various times during his work life, Erik has developed and delivered corporate training programs, written software manuals and on-line help libraries, and explained ongoing efforts to reform regional wholesale power markets.  Outside of work, he coached youth soccer for over 10 years and has taught beginning tennis, skiing, chess and backgammon to friends and family when called upon.  


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