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“I took the CBEST: Mathematics Section earlier today and...not only did I pass but I was able to triple my original score. Thank you so much for your tutoring. This was the most confident I've ever felt in Math and it was a pleasure to be tutored by you. Your tips on testing strategies helped me significantly and I'm thrilled.“

- Hunter K, California


“I just got my SAT score today and I got a 1520! I can’t thank you enough for the help you gave me over the past couple of weeks. Your tips and practice really helped me during the test and I’m very grateful for all your help.” 

- Dylan L., Virginia


“I finally received my SAT score today and I’m happy to say I got a 1450.” (practice score before tutoring: 1140)

- Riley P, Virginia


“My teacher loves you because now I can do math I couldn’t do before!”

- Keiry H, Maryland


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